In Bona Fide Pro Bono Publico

الرجاء الإجابة

Three Questions to all successors of the EurAsian common heritage

1. Which could be the part of the nowadays science capital, which is based on the Asian and European early civilisations’’ integrated know-how?

2. Does the Eurasian joint capital need centralised constitutional leading?Which could be the directions to the composers of the Draft law of EurAsian Union?

3. Constitutional Harta and those who would like to join the circle of founders of the PanEurAsian Union?

The opinions of all of us will be considered, but will not be publishes – if it is your will. Would You be so kind and send your opinions to the address principalis(at)

Faithfully yours EurAsian indigenous people from the European location.

Last Updated (Tuesday, 19 October 2010 22:07)