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Was ist Concordia I ?

The institution PANEURASIA SOLIDARITY FOUNDATION CONCORDIA I is based on solidarity over politics and solidarity between religions. It respects and supports peaceful cooperation of historical regions in all spheres of life based on the tradition-knowledge. Regionally the institution is divided:

1) Concordia I PanEuropa;
2) Concordia PanEurasia;
3) Corpus Legatorum Generalis

Concordia (Latin ’concord, harmony) – concord goddess of ancient Rome; was portrayed with horn of plenty or sceptre in the left hand or with palm branch or chalice in the right hand, usually sitting on the thrown. On the picture: Tempio della Concordia Agrigento, island of Sitcilia, Italy.[/en]

Defender with Two Heads


Peace and Solidarity Ideal in EurAsia

1 2

1. Holy Roman Empire anno 962 German Nation’s Holy Roman Empire. Coat of Arms from the later reigning of House of Habsburgs.

2. Russian Empire. Coat of Arms of Romanov Holstein-Gottorp from the later reigning.

According to the assertion the two head eagle symbolises initially according to the meaning of early civilisations the endless course of time from East to West. Either head of the eagle watch everyday sunrise from East and everyday sunset in West.

Later the two head eagle symbolised more the ideal of Concordia of East and West.